On March 24, the Center for Legal Resources initiated a petition addressed to the County Commissions requesting support in equipping the centers dedicated to vulnerable people with protection equipment, for the protection of the beneficiaries and the employees who take care of them.

Please read, sign and distribute the petition further:

To: The National Committee for Special Emergency Situations, to all the County Councils in the country.


Provide complete protection materials to employees in all nursing and home care centers for elderly, people with disabilities and psychiatric units, NOW!

In Romania, there are currently 539 nursing homes sheltering 23,196 elderly persons, 442 centers for persons with disabilities providing assistance to approximately 18,000 residents, while another approximately 150000 persons are hospitalized annually in the 12,000 beds in 50 psychiatric units and psychiatric hospitals nationwide. All these tens of thousands of people, living in medical and social institutions, while being the most vulnerable in front of COVID-19 pandemic, depend entirely on the assistance services. They cannot simply be discharged or sent home! Their health, the employees and their communities must be maximally protected.

The employees of these centers (the vast majority overcrowded and with poor hygiene conditions), as well as those who provide the necessary services for the survival of the residents dependent on the system (from food distribution, consumables, etc.), must urgently receive complete protection equipment and materials!

 In these facilities, we cannot afford any COVID-19 outbreaks such as those in Spain or Washington State, where residents have been decimated because of insufficient protection measures and the authorities’ lack of reaction. A very serious case has already occurred at Obregia Psychiatric Hospital and this is just the beginning!
Don’t sacrifice the most vulnerable and the people who take care of them every day!