CLR files a complaint regarding the discrimination of Covid-19 residents with disabilities from Păclișa, Hunedoara County


The Center for Legal Resources lodged an action before the National Council against Discrimination regarding the direct discrimination of residents of the Păclișa no.1, 2, 3 Centers for Care and Assistance, in Hunedoara County. The residents, confirmed with COVID-19, were denied access to public health services on the grounds of disability and affiliation to a disadvantaged group (institutionalized persons).

Medical staff at the Deva County Hospital refused to care for these patients due to their disabilities. The director of the Social Assistance and Child Protection Directorate organized their transfer back to the residential facility. At the same time, the county administrator declared that “these people are not compatible with hospitalization“, while representatives of the Public Health Directorate and the county prefect justified their transfer back to the Păclișa centers. These authorities had an obligation to prevent any discriminatory denial of health care or medical services and to ensure that residents with disabilities will be hospitalized, with access to treatment and specialists in psychology and psychiatry.

Hospitalization is even more important for persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities, because they have complex health problems (cardio-respiratory, digestive), immune systems affected by psychiatric medication and years spent in childcare facilities or facilities for adults with disabilities. In the event of a rapid lung desaturation caused by COVID-19, persons with disabilities should be hospitalized so they can receive appropriate and adapted medical treatment and care as soon as possible.