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The situation and what we can do about it

Currently, in Romania, there are 539 care homes providing care for 23,196 elderly persons, 442 centers for persons with disabilities providing assistance to approximately 18,000 residents, and another approximately 150,000 persons are hospitalized annually in the 12,000 beds in Romania’s 50 psychiatric wards and hospitals. All these persons facing the highest risk before the COVID-19 pandemic are fully dependent on social care services.

Increased protection of the residents living within these services and of the staff ensuring the functioning of care homes, residential centers, psychiatric wards and psychiatric hospitals should be a priority for public authorities – starting from the government (committees, ministries, etc.) to county councils and town halls.

We wish to contribute, together with each of you, to the joint effort that we must make during this critical period in support of the most vulnerable.

Let us know if you have information about any difficulties that the residents or employees of these centers and care homes are facing!

If you are an employee, family member, resident or a member of the immediate community and you can help us with information regarding the needs of care homes/centers or any situation that may endanger the functioning of the social service and the safety and well-being of its residents and employees during this period, please call or contact us by leaving a message/WhatsApp at the following phone number:

0728 112 187

or write to us at the e-mail address: office@crj.ro

The Center for Legal Resources and its partners are joining the efforts to keep the residents of these institutions away from the crisis and from its effects.


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